Wishbone Sends Teens to Camp 2016

Wishbone, a non-profit fundraising platform that helps students attend after school and summer programs through charitable donations, has helped send this student to our leadership camp. We’re pleased that the Wishbone community has given us their support and generosity.

Wishbone.org helped send Fatima to our program this year!

“Thanks to all of my donors I was able to attend National Teen Leadership Program. Attending this program has [given] me more leadership skills and has helped me come out of my comfort
zone. At first I was shy, but after a few hours and a nice welcoming gathering, I felt safe and like at home. Everyone was very kind and loving with me and other people. Thank you for making this opportunity possible.”

We are so glad that Fatima was able to attend this year! Find out more about her Wishbone campaign. #wishbone #NTLP2016 #NTLPNorCal

Barbara lives in San Jose and attended our Northern California program this summer, with help from Wishbone.org!

Here is her update: “[NTLP] has completely changed my outlook on my life and the people around me. I have learned so much about how to develop myself as a leader and a warrior. I feel like I can make an impact on a person’s life, even if it is tiny. This program had so many different elements; it was an emotional journey. For example, you can be happy and excited in one moment then the next moment, you can be silent and contemplating life. The people were the most amazing part of my experience, they were all so accepting and happy… I am truly grateful for the people who helped contribute to this wonderful summer!”

Read more on Barbara’s Wishbone campaign. #wishbone #NTLP2016 #NTLPNorCal

Melanie attended our Northern California program this summer, with help from Wishbone.org! Here is her update:

“I went to my program and it was great. I saw some friends that I haven’t seen in a while that came from a school back home and I also made some new friends. The speakers that were there were great and the workshops they had showed us some new leadership skills. The camp left a happy feeling in me and I would definitely go again since I loved it.”

Read more about Melanie’s Wishbone Campaign. #wishbone #NTLP2016 #NTLPNorCal

With help from Wishbone.org, Marco attended our Program this year in Northern California!

“Woo! What an experience with people of different interests, backgrounds, and hearts. Sure was a doozy.
Enjoyed the people I met, I can say that for sure. The people were definitely an interesting bunch with hearts that were constantly wanting to improve.”

Read more on Marco’s journey to NTLP! #wishbone #NTLP2016 #NTLPNorCal