Torchbearer Club

NTLP Torchbearers are alumni, staff, parents, and other friends of NTLP who have come together to ensure NTLP thrives and grows year-round. To this end, Torchbearers commit to a monthly donation to help support NTLP’s youth development programs.

Current Torchbearers

Torchbearers make a monthly donation to support NTLP’s year-round efforts to help teens change the world for the better. We give them our sincerest thanks.

Hero ($300+)

Joshua Pukini (Board Member)

Luminary ($200+)

Scott Higa (Alumni 1998)

“I learned more at NTLP than I did in all four years of high school.” -Scott Higa

Visionary ($100+)

Edgar Wong-Chen (Board Member, Alumni 1996)
Felicitas Nungaray (Board Member, Alumni 1996)
Nga Lai (Alumni 1993)
Juan Lepe (Board Member, Alumni 1993)

“NTLP has been a very important piece in my education, career and life. As a participant it gave me HOPE, as a Volunteer Staff it gave me SUPPORT (becoming my 2nd family), and as a board member it gives me greater ASPIRATIONS to continue paying it foward, so that younger generations can pave the future and become ELITE LEADERS regardless of background.” – Felicitas Nungaray

“This is an amazing opportunity to show your continued support to an organization that has done so much for me and so many other deserving youth across this country. I am forever grateful and am so proud that I can be a visionary Torchbearer for NTLP! Join us and lets launch NTLP to reach out to thousands of more teens!” – Edgar Wong-Chen

Champion ($50+)

Carrick Sears (Board Member, Alumni 1992)
Jennifer Louie-Abernathy (Board Member, Alumni 1996)
Michele and Matt Brentano (Alumni 2000)
Jerome Abaya (Alumni 2007)
Winnie and Ibsen Chen (Parent of Alumni)

Leader ($25+)

Maria Bayog (Alumni 1996)
Jalin Hsu (Alumni 1994)
Aunalori Honeycutt Taylor (Alumni 1995)
Mark Miller (Board Member)

Ally ($10+)

Dr. Ray Quon (Alumni 1994)
Greg Haack (Alumni 1995)
Josh Estes (Alumni 2000)
Julie Anne Nagal (Alumni 1997)
Kim Thompson Knight (Alumni 1995)
Lori Miller (Friend of NTLP)
Mary and Pete Miller (Friend of NTLP)
Scott and Trudy Miller (Friend of NTLP)*
Steven Abernathy (Family of Alumni)
Aaron Horwitz (Friend of Alumni)
Terry Versluys (Friend of NTLP)

Believer ($5+)

Ernesto Segura (Family of Laura Segura)
Trina Laird (Family of Future Leader)

*In loving memory of Norman and Gloria Miller, life-long humanitarians and very proud parents of Mark Miller, NTLP Board Member.