Thank You to Our 2016 Staff

A note to our dedicated staff from our Executive Director, Jennifer Lopez:

Wow! What a summer! We just wrapped up 4 events in the last two months: CampUs at UCLA (partnering with After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles), our Southern California Program at Chapman University, Northern California Program at Sacramento State, and a Freshmen Orientation at Lennox Mathematics Science And Technology Academy!

I would like to take a moment to send out a huge thank you to all of our staff. This summer was a huge success because of you! Your dedication and desire to positively impact cthe lives of teens is inspiring. You are the heart of NTLP and the reason this summer was so amazing!

Together in just 7 short weeks, we empowered, educated, motivated and inspired 678 teens to discover and maximize their unique leadership potential and to embrace the diversity and equal value of everyone. In short, we lived and breathed our Mission Statement. I am proud to call you my friends and colleagues and truly love you all so much. United we are changing the world!

Please forgive me if anyone has been left off this list! I believe we included everyone. I apologize if your name has been omitted in error! Thank you to:

CampUs Staff: Mark Miller, Fredy Ramirez Jr., Jasmine “Jazzy” Hernandez, Katie Brown, Eugene Canotal, Jennifer Zehenni, Vanessa Englund, and Edgar Wong-Chen

Chapman University Camp: Laura Segura, Ashley Morosky, Citlalli Contreras, Dimi Hernandez, Mia Silva, Mark Miller, John Reuter, Daniel Ramiro, Felicitas NV, Fredy Ramirez Jr., Juan Lepe, JR Fujita, Sophia Coria, Maryanne Tongko, Lauren Nygard, Katie Brown, Jerome Abaya, Derlin Hsu, Jeremy Chafatinos, Alejandra Juarez, Nancy L. Yarahuan, Christy Seymour, Adam Cetin, Trenton Hyatt, Steven Takeuchi, Ashleigh Cook, Aylene Hallerbach, Bekah Jaynes, Jennifer Louie-Abernathy, Stephen Abernathy, Christine Nguyen, Kyren McKinnie, U-Wen Kok, Taylor Moore, and Judy Diaz Nungaray

Sacramento State University Camp: Laura Segura, Ashley Morosky, Tyler Scholz, Zac Parenti, Danny Sovenski, Dimi Hernandez, Payton Bogges-Freitas, Gaelyn Walche, Elliott Abdullah, Andrew Bassett, Marco Antonio Sanchez, Jason T Kabanuck, Jordan Wilcox, William Mccrary, John Reuter, Fredy Ramirez, Ameshah Prabaharan, JR Fujita, Sophia Coria, Lauren Nygard, Jazzy Hernandez, Celexsy Stout Adame, Lina Maria Centeno, Malou Bayog, Katie Brown, Jerome Abaya, Derlin Hsu, Brian Yu, Jeremy Chafatinos, Eugene Canotal, Adrian Perryman, Christy Seymour, Travis Scholz, Trenton Hyatt, William Rosensteel, Robin Viray, Ashleigh Cook, Kyle Tham, Rose Marie Saylor, Brandon Huang, Sofie Suttles, Kyren McKinnie, Ryan Carleton, Dina Wilcox, and Taylor Ward

Lennox Freshman Orientation: Laura Segura, Danny Sovenski, Dimi Hernandez, Mark Miller, John Reuter, Fredy Ramirez, Jazzy Hernandez Zogas, Jeremy Chafatinos, Ashleigh Cook, Aylene Hallerbach, Kyren McKinnie, Jennifer Zehenni, and Sierra Lamy

And of course, thank you to all of our sponsors, partners & supporters! We couldn’t have reached over 1300 students this year so far without you!

If you have any questions about our program or want to be involved, please let us know! We always have volunteer opportunities available.