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Happy New Year!

Many Wishes for a New Year Filled with Love!

Dear NTLP Friends and Family,

This year NTLP launched our #NeedToLovePeople movement as a proactive answer and positive response to the rise in hate-related crimes and incidents. I am pleased to report that through grants and public support we were able to bring this message of love and leadership to nearly 1,400 teens in 2017!

We taught our young leaders to view our NTLP acronym in a new light: if you Need To Lead People, you Need To Love People. Through acceptance, peace, love, and tolerance any obstacle can be overcome and unity is possible.

I hope you will join our #NeedToLovePeople movement and donate today! What better way to earn a last-minute tax write off for 2017?

With gratitude and humility, I wish you and your loved ones a love-filled 2018!


Jennifer Lopez
​​​​​​​Executive Director
National Teen Leadership Program


Donate Today - #NeedToLovePeople


A Young Voice to Inspire a New Year!

Ben Inspire New Year

Meet Ben, who attended NTLP in 2017:

NTLP: How is your first NTLP camp going so far?

Ben: I’m having an amazing experience actually. I’ve never been to a camp like this before.

NTLP: What makes it amazing?

Ben: I feel like I have more of a sense of belonging when I come to camps like these. And I feel very inspired this week. In a matter of two days, it’s crazy how much love and inspiration I can feel. Kinda makes me cry, but hey, it’s alright. A real man cries, right?

NTLP: What’s one thing you’ll bring back to your community from this NTLP experience?

Ben: One word — and it is LOVE.

Enliven more voices like Benjamin’s…

Dear NTLP Friends and Family,

Ben is one of the TEEN VOICES THAT WILL CHANGE HEADLINES. There are more teen voices like his that are positive, uplifting and truly the voices of a better world!

You may have watched our first video “Let’s Change the Headlines.” We shared some startling statistics regarding heartache and lack of unity plaguing our country. NTLP is working harder than ever to empower and inspire teens to use their voices to create positive social change and to “Develop the Leader in Every Teen Today for a Better World Tomorrow!”

Please join our movement where leaders #NeedToLovePeople and click here to donate now.

We are getting closer to our $50,000 goal. Click below to donate and help Benjamin’s story be the story we all continue to hear for the new year!

Last chance – put your 2017 Tax Donation write off to good use! Let’s Change the Headlines Together!

Donate Today - #NeedToLovePeople


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Enjoy our two day special – pay in full for NTLP 2017 and save $65! The camp fee is just $474 when you pay in full today. That’s a total savings of $65.

Discount is valid February 14 – 15, 2017.

Camp fees include: university accommodations, all meals, seminar materials, program book, tee shirt and so much more. Camp fees are regularly priced at $539 for the three-day weekend.

Take advantage of the deal and register today!

Fri, July 7, 2017 to Sun, July 9 – SoCal
Orange County Region, CA
Chapman University, Orange

Fri, July 28, 2017 to Sun, July 30 – NorCal
Sacramento Region, CA
Sacramento State University


A note to our dedicated staff from our Executive Director, Jennifer Lopez:

Wow! What a summer! We just wrapped up 4 events in the last two months: CampUs at UCLA (partnering with After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles), our Southern California Program at Chapman University, Northern California Program at Sacramento State, and a Freshmen Orientation at Lennox Mathematics Science And Technology Academy!

I would like to take a moment to send out a huge thank you to all of our staff. This summer was a huge success because of you! Your dedication and desire to positively impact cthe lives of teens is inspiring. You are the heart of NTLP and the reason this summer was so amazing!

Together in just 7 short weeks, we empowered, educated, motivated and inspired 678 teens to discover and maximize their unique leadership potential and to embrace the diversity and equal value of everyone. In short, we lived and breathed our Mission Statement. I am proud to call you my friends and colleagues and truly love you all so much. United we are changing the world!

Please forgive me if anyone has been left off this list! I believe we included everyone. I apologize if your name has been omitted in error! Thank you to:

CampUs Staff: Mark Miller, Fredy Ramirez Jr., Jasmine “Jazzy” Hernandez, Katie Brown, Eugene Canotal, Jennifer Zehenni, Vanessa Englund, and Edgar Wong-Chen

Chapman University Camp: Laura Segura, Ashley Morosky, Citlalli Contreras, Dimi Hernandez, Mia Silva, Mark Miller, John Reuter, Daniel Ramiro, Felicitas NV, Fredy Ramirez Jr., Juan Lepe, JR Fujita, Sophia Coria, Maryanne Tongko, Lauren Nygard, Katie Brown, Jerome Abaya, Derlin Hsu, Jeremy Chafatinos, Alejandra Juarez, Nancy L. Yarahuan, Christy Seymour, Adam Cetin, Trenton Hyatt, Steven Takeuchi, Ashleigh Cook, Aylene Hallerbach, Bekah Jaynes, Jennifer Louie-Abernathy, Stephen Abernathy, Christine Nguyen, Kyren McKinnie, U-Wen Kok, Taylor Moore, and Judy Diaz Nungaray

Sacramento State University Camp: Laura Segura, Ashley Morosky, Tyler Scholz, Zac Parenti, Danny Sovenski, Dimi Hernandez, Payton Bogges-Freitas, Gaelyn Walche, Elliott Abdullah, Andrew Bassett, Marco Antonio Sanchez, Jason T Kabanuck, Jordan Wilcox, William Mccrary, John Reuter, Fredy Ramirez, Ameshah Prabaharan, JR Fujita, Sophia Coria, Lauren Nygard, Jazzy Hernandez, Celexsy Stout Adame, Lina Maria Centeno, Malou Bayog, Katie Brown, Jerome Abaya, Derlin Hsu, Brian Yu, Jeremy Chafatinos, Eugene Canotal, Adrian Perryman, Christy Seymour, Travis Scholz, Trenton Hyatt, William Rosensteel, Robin Viray, Ashleigh Cook, Kyle Tham, Rose Marie Saylor, Brandon Huang, Sofie Suttles, Kyren McKinnie, Ryan Carleton, Dina Wilcox, and Taylor Ward

Lennox Freshman Orientation: Laura Segura, Danny Sovenski, Dimi Hernandez, Mark Miller, John Reuter, Fredy Ramirez, Jazzy Hernandez Zogas, Jeremy Chafatinos, Ashleigh Cook, Aylene Hallerbach, Kyren McKinnie, Jennifer Zehenni, and Sierra Lamy

And of course, thank you to all of our sponsors, partners & supporters! We couldn’t have reached over 1300 students this year so far without you!

If you have any questions about our program or want to be involved, please let us know! We always have volunteer opportunities available.


Register today and hold your spot with a $100 deposit.

If you have already registered and would like to pay your camp fee, please do so here.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Take $100 off our 2016 prices when paid in full, at time of registration, on or before December 31, 2015. Otherwise, pay a $100 deposit to lock in the $399 rate.

Camp fees are normally $449. Limited scholarships are available. Minimum deposit of $100 will hold your spot with additional payments starting at 60 days prior to camp. Please call our office if you need special payment assistance.  Group rates are available for groups of three or more. Please call 800-550-1950 if you would like to register a group for NTLP!

We also offer airport transfers to and from camp.

Register for Weekend Camp Now

Alumni Spotlight

asela wishbone

An Update from Asela

September 11, 2015

Her Passion: Science
Attending: National Teen Leadership Program

Wishbone, a non-profit fundraising platform that helps students attend after school and summer programs through charitable donations, has helped send this student to our leadership camp. We’re pleased that the Wishbone community has given us their support and generosity.

Thank You for NTLP

This summer was hugely impacted by NTLP. This program was eye-opening to me because the people there were able to motivate me as well as students. I now feel confident that I can make a change in the world. The other students and the staff made me feel welcomed and appreciated. This experience was not only useful, but it gave me the courage to become who I really am.


Alumni Spotlight

luis wishbone

An Update from Luis

September 11, 2015

His Passion: Business
Attending: National Teen Leadership Program

Wishbone, a non-profit fundraising platform that helps students attend after school and summer programs through charitable donations, has helped send this student to our leadership camp. We’re pleased that the Wishbone community has given us their support and generosity.

Thanks for this great opportunity

National Teen Leadership Program really taught me to open up and seek out new adventures that will help me see the world in a more positive manner. This program really inspired me to seek out other programs and try my best to attend NTLP for a second year. I’ve always looked at society through a negative point of view but the mindset that I went through during the program really did change the way I feel about summer programs and activities. I am greatly appreciative for this opportunity and I took full advantage of how the program was ran.


Alumni Spotlight

itzel wishbone

An Update from Itzel

August 31, 2015

Her Passion: Leadership
Attending: National Teen Leadership Program

Wishbone, a non-profit fundraising platform that helps students attend after school and summer programs through charitable donations, has helped send this student to our leadership camp. We’re pleased that the Wishbone community has given us their support and generosity.

My Life Changing Summer

This was by far the most amazing, and inspirational weekend with NTLP at Sacramento State University! My weekend was filled with amazing workshops, and listening to the most inspirational, motivating speakers. Listening to these speakers really helped me realize that being aware of a problem isn’t going to help; having the courage to make a difference is what makes us leaders. Taking that step to make a difference is what will empower our youth to make the changes we want to see because we are the next generation. We can make the difference, all we have to do is have the courage to make a stand. The workshops I experienced also showed me that I am not alone, there are many who experience the same things as I have regardless of sex, ethnicity, etc — we all stood together and were not alone. I have learned to take the lead I need to make the changes I want to see, and be aware that I am not alone, and no one else should have to be alone. I plan to follow through with all the “life-lessons” I learned and be the difference my community needs. Aside from all that I met many new people, which really helped me come out of my comfort zone and have fun. Although we only had known each other for about 3 days it was still an incredible bond we had throughout the program, which I will never forget.


Michelle Mkhlian, a senior and the Associated Student Body President at Montebello High School was sponsored by the Montebello Unified School District to attend NTLP’s leadership camp this summer. She has attended a number of NTLP events in Southern California and has been very active in promoting awareness of the Armenian Genocide in the District. Michelle is Armenian and there is a large Armenian population in Montebello. Michelle was honored to receive the prestigious Ambassador Award at Chapman College at our 2015 So Cal Camp. The beauty of the Ambassador award is that it is voted on my her fellow participants at the camp.

Below is an article highlighting Michelle’s achievements. See the original article on the Montebello Unified School District website.


NATIONAL TEEN LEADERSHIP PROGRAM announces new Executive Director and $15,000 in camp and college scholarships

Business Wire Press Release

jen lopez
Folsom, CA – The National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP), is proud to announce the selection of Ms. Jennifer Lopez as its new Executive Director. Ms. Lopez will fill the vacancy created by Laura Segura, who retired last year after 23 years as head of the non-profit.

“I am thrilled to hand over the torch to such a wonderful and capable person,” said Ms. Segura. “Jennifer not only has a background as a successful meeting planner, fund developer and community outreach director, she also embodies everything that makes NTLP so unique and special. She is an extremely warm and caring person who personifies NTLP’s mission, vision and core values.”

NTLP is also announcing $15,000 in college scholarships and camp assistance. “NTLP will award two $2,500 College Scholarships to qualifying individuals who attend our northern or southern California programs this summer and complete a year-long community service project,” announces Ms. Lopez. “In addition, NTLP has set aside $10,000 to help students-in-need attend the summer programs, which are open to all students in grades 8th – 12th.”

  • Apply here for the NTLPCorps Fellows Scholarship

The 2015 leadership camps are July 10-12, at Chapman University in Orange, and July 31 – August 2, at Sacramento State. Through professional speakers, interactive workshops and business interviews, NTLP inspires and prepares teens to reach their full potential as future leaders. As a certified Presidential Volunteer Service Award organization NTLP is privileged to award students for their outstanding achievements for volunteer service.

edgar “NTLP was a huge catalyst in allowing me to understand who I was, what type of impact I could have on others’ lives, and was a major motivational force in my life,” said Edgar Wong-Chen, a 1996 NTLP alumni and Board Chair. “Each summer allowed me to truly test my own leadership ability in a platform where I could feel comfortable and engage with my peers.”

Literally hundreds of alumni are still engaged with the program and this year, NTLP welcomes five attendees who are children of NTLP alumni, a telling fact for NTLP Founder, Laura Segura. “This speaks directly to the success of the program,” notes Segura. “We have helped inspire and motivate teens to take leadership roles in life, and many have chosen not only to give back, but to entrust us with their own children.”

About NTLP

For 23 years, the National Teen Leadership Program has sent more than 12,000 students into the world equipped with leadership skills and motivated to imagine a better future for themselves. As a result, NTLP proudly boasts that its alumni include graduates of major colleges and universities and community advocates who are passionate and zealous about their work.

Jennifer Lopez, Executive Director