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Casey Van Attenhoven

Meet Casey Van Attenhoven, another incredible alumna! When Casey first attended NTLP in 2007, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Casey says “My mom heard about NTLP through a coworker, signed me up and told me I was going. I knew nothing about it. Before NTLP I was a very shy and nervous person, so not knowing anyone I was really scared, but still excited.” When Casey first arrived at camp, she felt instantly welcomed after meeting our founder, Laura Segura, “The thing I will never forget is while I was in the checkout line I got to meet Laura, and she knew my name and who I was. That made a huge impact on me, because it showed me that they cared and I was welcomed.” Casey says she remembers every detail about her first camp, and returned as a participant in the next three consecutive camps. Attending four NTLP camps helped Casey develop a strong sense of self-confidence and purpose, “Before NTLP, I was unsure of who I was and what I wanted. When I left camp I was more self assured in my identity, and I knew I wanted to impact people in a positive way.”

In order to continue her goal of making a positive difference, Casey joined our volunteer staff in 2011 and returned to staff in 2018 and 2019. She says of the staffing experience, “I had so much fun, I saw NTLP in a new light, and I created closer bonds with the other staff members.” Not only was Casey an exceptional addition to our camp staff, she also served on the Curriculum Committee for our 2019 camp.

Casey attended Chico State University, where she earned a BA in English, a Masters in Education, and a Single-Subject Teaching Credential. She currently works at Corning Union High School teaching English at the ninth and tenth grade level. Her work with NTLP has helped her better relate to her students and develop meaningful activities and discussions in her classroom. Casey currently lives in Chico, CA with her boyfriend Mason and her two adorable cats, Corny and Salem.

Casey says, “I believe NTLP made me who I am today. I want to help foster that same transformation in teens. I want them to see their potential that they don’t realize is there.” We are so lucky to have such a passionate leader in our community!