Web Series

by jen
We are all exhausted due to COVID-19 and we hope that we can continue to be here for you and your teen. For more information on our upcoming Web Series, check out the flyer below!

All Sessions are $149 Per Student

Our online program will be facilitated in real-time. Participants will occasionally receive videos/information to supplement content and weekly assignments. They will meet with a facilitator every week for 60 to 75 minutes for a live, guided discussion on their weekly assignment and curriculum. In each web series that we offer, the facilitators ask insightful questions and have the group play trivia games to connect with one another to build rapport. Our curriculum stems from the Social and Emotional Learning Competencies which are Self-Awareness, Social-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self-Management, and Relationship Skills. We provide a safe space for participants to learn, grow, and thrive. We want them to have space where they can share their experiences with their peers, connect, discuss difficult topics all while fostering growth in their leadership skills. The web series will cost $149 per student.

Completion of Series

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after they complete an assessment that will be sent out via email after the last session. If you have questions about our online programs, contact Ashleigh Cook at acook@ntlp.org.

Note: The application process does not work in the Safari browser. Please use Chrome or another browser.

In May 2020, we launched our first Web Series and alumnus Eugene Canotal, LCSW, also presented “Here’s That Attention You Ordered: Social Media and Its Impact on 21st Century Youth.”

Between May 2020 and October 2020, we successfully impacted over 96 students from around the world through our web series focused on Leadership and Mental Health, as well as Leadership and Communication for teens, plus a Parent Support Group. We converted an in-person workshop into a customized virtual web series for teens of the City of Denver offered by District 8 Denver City Council.