NTLPCorps Fellows Program

In honor of our Founder, Laura Segura, and her 24 years of dedication to the National Teen Leadership Program, our organization established the Laura Segura Scholarship Fund in 2014 to send students in need of financial assistance to our three-day program and to award $2,500 college scholarships for completing our NTLPCorps Fellows Program.

What is the NTLPCorps Fellows Program?

The NTLPCorps Fellows Program is a transformative year-long program that integrates the leadership skills students obtain at camp and utilize those skills to create a service project that impacts their community directly.

Who are NTLPCorps Fellows?

NTLPCorps Fellows are future community leaders and agents of change. They embrace and execute NTLP’s core values, make a year-long commitment to represent NTLP and work with mentors and other Fellows to identify problems or needs to improve their community.

This year, NTLP will identify two students who will serve as our NTLPCorps Fellows for 2016. At the completion of their fellowship, he/she will receive a $2,500 scholarship to the college of their choice. Scholarships will be based on the extent of the project proposed and awarded upon the project’s completion.

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