Diversity Day 101

2017 Dates Not Yet Announced


This is one of the most amazing days you will ever experience. We are now opening up attendance to the following: Students in grades 8th – 12th, college students, community advisers, teachers and parents.

Southern California
2017 Dates Not Yet Announced
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Calvin is an internationally recognized authority on leadership and personal development. For over a decade, his impact on his listeners has been profound and his life has inspired millions through his “Chicken Soup for the Soul” story.  He has mastered the art of effective diversity training helping hundreds of schools and organizations to measurably decrease violence, hate speech, and prejudice of all kinds.


What happens during the day?

“He made me want to be a warrior for peace.”

Fun, insightful, intense, life-changing. This full-day workshop will bring about a positive change in every student who attends.  Themes throughout the day include bias awareness, cliques, bullying, hate speech, cultural awareness and so much more. Inter-active games, small group sessions, informational workshops and audience participation keep everyone interested, involved, and engaged.

“Calvin was one of the best speakers I have ever heard in my life! He was honest and real. Hearing him changed me and made me want to be a better person.”

“He opened my eyes in a way I never thought possible.”

“Amazing. Really touched my heart.”

“He actually made me feel, not just learn something.”

“He made me want to be a warrior for peace.”

“The speaker was so touching he deserves an award for his outstanding work.”

Who should attend?

High school students in 8th -12th grades, parents, business leaders, teachers, Human Resource Managers, Community Leaders and ANYONE working with youth. For that matter, anyone working with another human being.  To better interact and connect with each other, SPACE is LIMITED.   HUMANKIND: “Be Both!”

What can I expect from the day?

  • Exciting experiential activities, group dialog and real-life stories
  • Inspiration and motivation to make a difference in the world
  • Connecting with diverse youth from around the state
  • Professional coordination, group facilitation and support by the wonderful young leaders of the National Teen Leadership Program

Do you offer other seminars?

Yes, we can help you coordinate an off-site seminar.

Exclusive one day seminars – Starting at only $59 per person (cost may be higher or lower based on number of attendees). Cost does not include facility rental. If you do not have a community center or school venue, we can work with you to find a location at a free or reasonable price. And yes, we can travel out of state. Please call for a quote on travel for Calvin and staff.

Additional seminars – Calvin has full-day workshops tailored specifically for advisers, teachers, and community workers that work with youth. Call us at 800.550.1950 for more information!

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