Camps 101

Camps 101

What if a three-day weekend could become a turning point for the teenager in your family; a life-affirming experience that changed the way your son or daughter thinks about themselves and more importantly, those around them? What if, in just one weekend, they could acquire leadership skills that they’d use the rest of their life?

There are many non-profits that address the serious issues of youth including gangs, violence, literacy, sex, and drugs. You name it and chances are a teen has experienced it or at least knows a friend who has, and there is probably a non-profit whose mission targets one or more of these destructive issues.

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At NTLP we believe in focusing on the positive. We believe in channeling the energy and enthusiasm already inherent in our youth and helping them acquire focus and a vision for their future.

We just recently announced our 2018 camp dates and locations!

July 6 to 8, 2018 – So Cal
Orange County Region
Chapman University, Orange

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What takes place at an NTLP camp?

This three-day program challenges and empowers today’s youth by providing them with the skills and motivation necessary to positively impact their own lives and the lives of those in their communities.

NTLP is an action-packed three-day camp that includes:

  • Three (not just one or two) but THREE inspiring, motivational speakers
  • Interesting workshops on a wide variety of teen-related topics
  • Fun, interactive small-group sessions
  • Lots of team-building and life-building activities, plus a lively Ropes course
  • Business interviews with local professionals
  • Exclusive college and career fair
  • University dorm accommodations
  • All meals and late-night snacks (you never go hungry!)
  • Opening night entertainment – featuring hypnotist, Paul Parsons
  • A late night DJ Dance with your new friends

What will the teens learn at the leadership camp?

Instructional components may include:

  • Leadership concepts – ethics, roles of leaders and followers, group facilitation
  • Bias awareness, diversity issues and stereotyping
  • Goal setting and setting priorities
  • Communication and interviewing skills
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution

Who can go?

NTLP welcomes students from anywhere in the world and is open to all students in grades 8th – 12th, including incoming freshmen and outgoing seniors. Our summer camps are in California in 2017 and we offer an affordable airport pick-up/drop-off package for our campers. Student leaders and those who think they may have leadership potential but haven’t yet stepped up to any leadership role come through our program. We also have students who believe they have no leadership potential and are least likely to stand in the limelight. It is a special joy to watch those students come out feeling like they can change the world!

How does NTLP make an impact in such a short weekend?

During the course of the weekend, we get the students to think about what kind of leader they are and if they are leading by positive or negative example. Those that are outsiders on their campus find themselves in a warm and accepting environment where their ideas and values are listened to without judgment … a novel experience for many of them.

What will teens gain from the experience?

They gain self-awareness, confidence, stronger communication and leadership skills, and life-long friendships. Students return home more open-minded, motivated, and inspired to give back to their family, school and community.

When students leave an NTLP program, they have a focus and a vision for their future. They are more energized to become involved in their schools and communities and are more tolerant and accepting of those around them.

Why should I send my child to an NTLP camp?

The students who attend NTLP are our future. As cliché as that sounds, it is true. Our little leadership weekend makes a huge impact and our alumni have gone on to make a huge impact toward the betterment of the world we live in.

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