Camp Testimonials 2013

2013 Loyola Marymount and Sacramento State Testimonials

“I really liked the workshops and speakers. They gave you a chance to learn from your past and be a better person and let you know that you can do it; all with a little fun. NTLP has made me build character and make connections, making life even more fulfilling.” Devon G.

“The best part was meeting new people and letting my guard down to show my true colors toward new people I’ve never met before. I learned to speak out and take the higher ground with my leadership skills. This camp really helped me to overcome my social anxiety.” Samantha B.

“Wow, I wish every place could have this atmosphere.” Natalie K.

“Going to NTLP was a life-changing experience that I will always remember.” Jordan W.

“I met a lot of great people and I learned life skills to be a leader.” Kiran L.

“It was a stimulating experience that has opened my eyes and mind to a radically different style of thinking.” David E.

“NTLP is the most awesome camp I have been to. I have learned many important life skills that will help me on my path. The speakers were the best part because they motivated me and inspired me to become a better person.” Richerd C.

The best part of NTLP was: “The whole time! I liked how we hung out with people and staff and we had a lot of fun! I don’t want to leave and I hope to come back as much as I can.” Alexa S.

The best part of NTLP was: “The motivational speakers because they had good energy and were powerful. Also, both Scott Greenberg and Calvin Terrell changed my perspective, expanded my knowledge and helped with my personality and attitude.” Sierra W.

“NTLP is an amazing camp where you meet incredible people, learn valuable lessons and make connections that will last a lifetime.” Gaelyn W.

“I have had the best weekend of my life . This experience has completely changed my life.” Giselle G.

“I loved the speakers. The speakers impacted me and opened my eyes to all the issues in the world. It was really fun and I learned important lessons about myself and the way to live life.” Alexandra V.

“The most impactful and inspiring thing to happen all summer!” Danny S.

“NTLP was fantastic and motivational. It was also a fun and inspiring event that could change my life when I continue to come back.” Garett B.

“I learned priceless skills and values and the experience is really indescribable unless you experience it for yourself. We created a big family and an open social environment.” Ameshah P.

“Respect, love, growth..molded by fun and energy. A joyous experience.” Lukas N.

“I was super nervous but everyone was so nice and caring and made me feel comfortable.” Taylor J.

“NTLP was one of the best experiences of my life.” Sierra K.

“I became more understanding that people might have serious issues beneath the surface.” Matt C.

[NTLP] helped me to pursue my goals and to be confident and kind and respectful with different activities, speakers and the people around me. It made me want to continue to improve myself as a person.” Josie B.

“I loved the openness and acceptance that I felt from everyone.” Veronica S.

“The excitement of getting to meet new people and learning how to be a teen leader is a great experience. I really look forward to coming back and seeing everyone again and being a future alumni.” Eric W.

“Life-changing and the best weekend ever! So Much Fun!” Ciara B.

“It was an amazing experience and I feel like I can relate and understand people better now.” Kelli G.

“Makes me want to change the world I live in. Such an eye-opener and inspirational camp!” Nereida A.

“OMG! I [heart] you guys!” Katherine O.

“Great time meeting new people and really connecting with them and working together to help one another.” Nicole R.

“[NTLP] taught me so much about not only leadership, but about myself.” Trentin H.