Camp Testimonials 2012

2012 Loyola Marymount and Sacramento State Testimonials

“My NTLP experience was fun and life-changing. I also learned and improved my leadership and communication skills through this experience.” Christine M., LMU, 2012

“I had an amazing weekend. This was the best part of my summer.” A. Cruz, LMU, 2012 “All the speakers were very inspirational and motivational. This was a chance to become bigger than you individually are.” Justin T., LMU, 2012

“NTLP enlightened me about the world and the people around me. I learned to trust others and learned ways on how to be a better leader.” Kevin S., LMU, 2012

“It was a great experience to meet new people. I had fun and I learned many things. It also gave me an opportunity to stop being so shy.” Jocelyn T., LMU, 2012

“This was one of the best experiences for me. I feel so much more comfortable and feel like I could be a leader.” Gabrielle B., LMU, 2012

“This was a life-changing experience and it taught me to blaze my own trail.” Tomas G., LMU, 2012

“This was such an amazing weekend and I cannot wait to come back! It helped me with so much I was struggling with; it helped me with problems I was scared of or couldn’t understand.” Katelyn E., LMU, 2012

“All [of this] was amazing. I am SO coming back next year. Not only for the speakers, but also for the people I met here. I met so many amazing and inspiring kids who have made me stronger already.” Esther K., LMU, 2012

“NTLP opened my eyes to see more in the people around me. It taught me not to judge others and to respect everyone no matter what.” Aiden D., LMU, 2012

“I had an awesome time experiencing things that I have never seen or did before. Now I feel like I know what to do in life and what’s right for my community.” Denise R., LMU, 2012

“Meeting new friends was the best part. It was a valuable experience and I definitely gained more self-confidence through the various activities and workshops.” Claribel W., LMU, 2012

“It was so much fun and I had a blast! The best part of that was being able to have so much fun while still learning and taking so much in.” David N., LMU, 2012

“I arrived unsure and not fully confident. This experience made me a better person.” Olivia G., LMU, 2012 “It was a great bonding event of a group of strangers in which we learned to never oppress or stereotype people.” Oscar G. LMU, 2012

“The staff were friendly, energetic and relatable. NTLP has changed my view of people, helped me become a better leader and changed my life in the course of three short days!” Kali G., LMU, 2012

“I made many new friends, loved the college exposure and can’t wait to take all of what I learned back to my high school.” Valerie B., LMU, 2012

“NTLP is a great experience that will change how you see yourself as a person.” Austin C., LMU, 2012

“I cam thinking I wasn’t going to learn anything but got so much more than I expected. I met wonderful people and learned so much.” Bryanna S., LMU, 2012

“NTLP is a trip worth the time, money and travel. It evokes emotion, leadership and reveals a bit about oneself that doesn’t usually show otherwise.” Citlalli S., LMU, 2012

“I learned that we should not judge people because we have no idea what they have gone or are still going through.” Anoop S., LMU, 2012

“An unforgettable experience that helped me grow incredibly. Every second of it was able to teach me something in a fun way.” Marisol G. LMU, 2012

“My experience at NTLP was seriously amazing. Meeting new people from around California and around the country was incredible! I loved it! Jessica N., LMU, 2012

“I had a fantastic time meeting new people and getting a new perspective on the world around me.” Meghana K., CSUS, 2012

“Intense! Amazing! Like nothing you will ever experience in normal life.” Macee P., CSUS, 2012

“NTLP dramatically changed my view on people, leadership and life. It has given me a great perspective on how to treat others and lead in my community.” Kim G., CSUS, 2012

“As my second year here, I recognize the things I do now because of NTLP and appreciate what I have learned and will continue to improve myself.” Michelle T., CSUS, 2012

“Wonderful! I got to learn about myself. I found out how important it is to be friendly and hang out with everyone because it may mean a lot to them. You don’t know what they have been going through and how they can get hurt through stereotypes.” Natalie T., CSUS, 2012

“[I loved] meeting new people! Everyone here is so friendly and non-judgmental; it gives everyone a chance to be themselves. [The staff] were really enthusiastic and friendly. I loved how they participated in the sessions and just had great attitudes. It was really eye-opening, fun and inspirational! “ Amanda B., CSUS, 2012

“Very inspiring experience that helped me become a better leader and a better person.” Arielle M., CSUS, 2012

“NTLP is a place where I changed my views on life and made me think more critically. “ Jemeshia W., CSUS, 2012

“Everyone really made me feel like I was welcome into the camp and kept a happy spirit which kept me happy as well. This camp really helped me open my eyes to the world around me and become aware. I feel like I can take all the things I learned back to my community and use it there.” Vanshi J., CSUS, 2012

“It was a really eye-opening and motivational. It’s one of the best weekends of my entire year. It’s amazing how close everyone gets.” Ryley B., CSUS, 2012

“I loved it so much.” Veronica S. CSUS, 2012

“[NTLP} really inspires you to do better, change and lead! Life-changing but fun and emotional at the same time. I wish all teens cold attend here.” Nicole R., CSUS, 2012

“When I came here I was shy and quiet. Now I’m an outgoing person.” Jennifer R., CSUS, 2012

“My NTLP experience has been so amazing these past three years. I really enjoy coming and learning more about myself and becoming more confident. It’s the best camp I’ve every been too.” Salonee T., CSUS, 2012

“My experience was a rollercoaster ride that opened my eyes. It’s made it easier for me to lead and help those that don’t as well as gaining more ideas to better my community.” Tyler S., CSUS, 2012

“The best part of NTLP was getting to meet new people that are both different and similar and working together with them. Before the program I knew I had a knack for leading, now I know that is what I want to pursue.” Zach K., CSUS, 2012

“NTLP taught me so much in just a little amount of time and it is stuff I will remember forever. It has also made me a much better person and leader.” Haley L., CSUS, 2012

“NTLP was a life-changing experience that allowed me to have a great time while strengthening my leadership skills and learning how to make a difference in the world.” Gaelyn W., CSUS, 2012

“NTLP was eye-opening because of the speakers and group leaders. It also taught me to be a better speaker one-on-one. Thank you NTLP.” Hara S., CSUS, 2012

“I came into NTLP not knowing what to expect or even if I would come back again but after these last three heart-changing days I can’t wait until next year.” Scott B., CSUS, 2012

“This is my fourth year at NTLP and I still have more to come. The respect, kindness and openness of NTLP made me the man I am today.” Cody S., CSUS, 2012

“I would make the program longer, perhaps 4 or 5 days, not just 3. It is that awesome. I am now a leader and now a follower and I am now more open about myself and more out-going.” Jason K. CSUS, 2012

“Simply amazing! I feel like this is the best weekend for the entire summer. Not only do I leave with a completely new positive perspective on my future, but with tears because I can’t wait to come back next year!” Annie C., CSUS, 2012

“The staff were very awesome and friendly and really know how to make the group members feel included. They were very enthusiastic about everything we do.” Annie C., CSUS, 2012

“Fun! When I got here my enthusiasm to interact was very low; now it is higher and that will help me in life.” Alexa S., CSUS, 2012

“At first I didn’t really want to come, but I tried having a positive attitude. After the first day I was happy I came and I can’t wait to come back.” Allie M., CSUS, 2012

“This was my first time coming and I was scared because I didn’t know anyone. But by the last day I met so many new people and I just had a fantastic time!” Maggie S., CSUS, 2012