Torchbearer Club

by jen

Our symbol is a torch because we believe that a torchlight represents energy, passion, and potential. Light and energy can foster the proper environment for growth, inspiration, change, and transformation. At the same time, the torch of leadership must be passed on person to person, and leadership must be cultivated from one to the next. In addition, the torch symbolizes that in order to continue burning, it must be nurtured. All these aspects of light make the torch a symbol for NTLP.

NTLP Torchbearers are alumni, staff, parents, and other friends of NTLP who have come together to ensure NTLP thrives and grows year-round. To this end, Torchbearers commit to a monthly donation to help support NTLP’s youth development programs.

Torchbearers make a monthly donation to support NTLP’s year-round efforts to help teens change the world for the better. We give them our sincerest thanks.

Hero ($300+)
Luminary ($200+)

Scott Higa (Alumnus 1998)

“I learned more at NTLP than I did in all four years of high school.” -Scott Higa

Visionary ($100+)

Champion ($50+)
Leader ($25+)

Maria Bayog (Alumnus 1996)
Jalin Hsu Stocker (Alumnus 1994)
Aunalori Honeycutt Taylor (Alumnus 1995)

Ally ($10+)

Dr. Ray Quon (Alumnus 1994)
Julie Anne Nagal (Alumnus 1997)
Aaron Horwitz (Friend of Alumnus)

Believer ($5+)