Staffing Camp

by jen
More information on our 2022 leadership camp coming soon. We appreciate your patience!

For 27 years in a row, the National Teen Leadership Program has held at least one camp every summer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we canceled in-person summer events in 2020 and 2021. The safety of our teens, volunteer staff, and community are of utmost importance. As leaders in creating positive environments that empower, inspire and educate all teens, we want to lead by example and keep our community safe. We are currently working on a plan for summer 2022 and will announce more information soon. 


  1. You must have graduated from high school and completed one year of college or have one year of work experience.
  2. The next most important thing is having the desire to GIVE BACK the motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm you got from the program as an attendee.

If we can get just one student per camp to step beyond their barriers and to come out believing they are a leader, it is all worth it. I am so happy about what we have done so far. We can do it because NTLP has helped us become leaders. I know some of us, especially me, would not think of ourselves as leaders unless we came to this camp. I do not want this program to ever end. I want to know that OUR children will be able to attend NTLP and come back with a new understanding of leadership, life, and themselves… Scott Higa (alumnus, 1998).

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