Camp Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does the three-day program cost?Open or Close
    This year’s three-day program fee is just $549.REGISTER NOW! Program fees may be paid by family members, schools or raised by community donations. Information on how to raise the sponsorship fee is sent upon receipt of the application and an outline of activities. NTLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Sponsorship fees include: university accommodations, all meals, seminar materials, program book, tee shirt and so much more. Transportation to the program is not included.
  • If I come with a friend, can they be my roommate?Open or Close
    Yes again! Once registered, you will receive a roommate match up form. We’ll ask a few questions about your hobbies and interests and try to match you up with the best possible roommate. If you are coming with a friend and would like to share a room (same sex only) there will be a place for that on the form.
  • If I live in the area, do I have to stay on site, or can I come and go during the weekend?Open or Close
    Students must remain on campus during the weekend. Our programs start early and end late, plus there is a special camaraderie and bonding shared by getting to know your roommate and staying in a dorm-like atmosphere. If there is some reason that the student must leave for a short while during the camp, it must be pre-arranged prior to attending NTLP and the parent or guardian must pick up and return the student to the program.
  • Which airport should I use?Open or Close
    For Chapman University, please use the John Wayne Airport/Orange County Airport (SNA), arriving on Friday before 11:00 am and departing after 6:30 pm, on Sunday. If you are attending CSU Sacramento, please use the Sacramento International Airport (SMF). Watch for specials, especially on Southwest Airlines. If you plan to book early, please be sure your flight arrives prior to 11:00 am on Friday, and departs no earlier than 6:30 pm on Sunday.
  • I have to fly. Will someone meet me?Open or Close
    NTLP staff will meet and greet all arrivals (curbside) on Friday prior to 11am (CA). After that they need to come back into the campus to start the program. We use Super Shuttle and private autos (occasionally) to transfer participants. On departure day, Sunday, students are picked up from the university and taken to the airport and dropped off curb-side. Please note: We can not pickup or drop off at Los Angeles International (LAX). Students are mailed a bright-colored roster of arriving passengers and detailed instructions on where to go and who to look for, plus emergency cell phone numbers. In 20+ years we have never lost or left behind a single student!
  • If my student is traveling by air, do I need to accompany them?Open or Close
    That is up to you. Every year we have dozens of students who fly alone and do just fine. If you would like to come with them we will give you some recommendations of nearby hotel accommodations and you have the option of renting a car at the airport and driving your student to the campus. Maps and directions will be available on the website. Both campuses are in residential areas and there are no hotels within walking distance, although there are some very close by car. During the weekend you are welcome to sit in on our motivational speakers, but workshops, group sessions and meals are for the attending students only. (Students will not participate openly if they know they are being listened to by their parents!) If you would like to be an Interview Judge on Saturday afternoon, we would be pleased to have you attend (please email your interest through our Contact Us page.)
  • Do I have to raise sponsorships or can I, or a parent pay?Open or Close
    Sponsorships are not required. We make this option available to you to help defray costs and so that anyone, from any financial situation can attend. If it is feasible for you or a parent to pay the entire fee, you are more than welcome to do that – just be sure to list yourself or your parents as the sponsors!
  • Can I pay in installments?Open or Close
    Yes you can. Your first payment is $100, due at your first deadline. Subsequent payments can be spread out, but must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the program. If your first payment is within 90 days to the program, the first payment is  $200.
  • What if I have to cancel?Open or Close
    Payments are refundable to the sponsor only. All payments are fully refundable up to 90 days prior to the program. From 90 – 60 days there is a nominal $25 cancelation charge. From 60 – 30 days there is a $50 cancellation charge. Cancellations within 30 days to the date of the conference are subject to a $100 cancellation charge. Cancellations within 2 weeks to the date of the conference are subject to a $200 cancellation charge. All payments made by credit card carry a $10 cancellation fee regardless of time of cancellation. Program fees are generally NON-REFUNDABLE within one week to the program and especially for no shows on arrival. Please understand that rooms and meals have been prepaid at this point, staffing has been secured, materials and tee shirts ordered, name tags and door signs made and groups have been set up based on your attendance. Within 2 weeks to a program we are fully liable to the university for room and board, plus we have likely turned away a prospective attendee. If cancellation is unavoidable due to illness or a matter of a serious nature, please call our office to discuss refund options.
  • I received my information after the deadline. Can I still apply to attend the program?Open or Close
    Yes! Sometimes the mail just takes a while to reach you or perhaps when you received the application you were not ready to make a decision regarding your summer plans. We always accept applications at any time, until we are full. In the event of a full camp, we take applications in the order they were received. So send in your application as soon as you are ready – there is no obligation to receive a sponsor packet.
  • What age groups can attend?Open or Close
    NTLP is open to students who will be entering 9th grade in the Fall (current 8th graders), through students who will graduate in May/June (current seniors). If you are younger, please call to discuss whether this camp is appropriate for you. Students are roomed with those in like grades. For instance, we do not room incoming Freshman with Seniors, but they are mixed in our small group sessions.
  • Who are the advisors on site?Open or Close
    NTLP is staffed by our wonderful alumni. The requirement is that they have attended NTLP while in high school, graduated and completed at least 1 year of college or work experience. Every year we have a few “rookies”, outstanding teens that attended last year and are now in college. The remaining staff range in age from 20 to 35, and many have staffed our program for over 10 years. Check this out! NTLP staff are NOT paid. More than volunteers, they pay their room and board for this privilege. Most are in college or are college graduates. Many have Master's and as of 2012, we now have 3 PhD’s! There are also a few of us ‘old’ people on site as well.
  • Are students allowed to leave the site?Open or Close
    Students are not allowed to leave the campus during the weekend. If they drive, we hold their car keys. They never cross the campus alone and we have group meetings at curfew to ensure everyone is where they are supposed to be. Security and safety is our #1 priority, followed closely, of course, by motivating, inspiring and teaching leadership skills.
  • Who will ensure the safety of my child?Open or Close
    Our NTLP staff will be on hand at all times to direct the students and to provide guidance in any way they can to ensure they have a good time and are safe. NTLP staff are there to lead, mentor and befriend the participants. They lead the group sessions, mix and mingle with the attendees and are positioned throughout the floors in the dorms. While it may look like they are having as much fun as the participants, they know to keep a watchful eye. They are trained to watch for cliques that might form, students who seem isolated, the occasional prankster and any ‘hook up’s’ that came together or formed during the weekend. Once attendees themselves, they know what to look for and how to nicely diffuse issues without embarrassment to the student. They are well-trained before camp in group facilitation skills, conflict resolution, teamwork, etc. and are excellent role models for the attendees. Personally we think they are some of the finest young men and women on the face of the planet.
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