by jen


2018 Testimonial Miguel
Thank you all so much for helping me get to NTLP! I had such an amazing time with great people from all around the world! We shared our passion for leadership and learned among one another! Thank you! – Funded Through Wishbone, 2018
2018 Parent Testimonial Dalys
I am truly honored to have the privilege of writing this letter of support in favor of the National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP). It was through a desire to involve my 15 year old child in a summer volunteering experience that we connected with Ms. Derlin Hsu and the organization. I can tell you that my child, Kyiah Wright, profited tremendously and gained a life-changing experience during the time spent volunteering and at the 2018 Summer Camp at Chapman University. In a separate testimonial, Kyiah spells out just how profoundly the program impacted her life personally. Although we have only known each other for the past few months, it feels as though we have had a longer standing bond. Ms. Hsu has been a delight to interact with from the very start. She is the perfect person for the role of directing NTLP into the frontiers of the future. Derlin has a strong understanding about how the program has impacted the lives of young people, many of whom have maintained close ties as alumni and who return to give back by mentoring incoming participants. For that reason, I feel very confident that Ms. Hsu’s leadership can take the organization to the next level. NTLP is an amazing and well needed program for youth as it embodies the virtues of leadership characteristics that are well needed in society today. – Dalys Wright, MPH

2018 Testimonial Kyiah
The National Teen Leadership Program has opened up an entire window of opportunities and guided doorways of success to my path more than I could even imagine. The camp that I participated in was not only second to none, but because it was my first experience at the NTLP camp, was magical, fresh and new; as I am sure would be the same no matter how many times you voyaged to the program. From Alexa Score, one of the keynote speakers, sharing how she overcame her setbacks and excuses to do what she loves even though she may have cancer filled me with strength and courage to do what I have the passion and drive to do with zero excuses and yet millions of possibilities. The team building exercises such as R.O.P.E.S. brought the people who started off as friends and turned into family together and closer than ever before. NTLP taught me how to be a strong and sturdy leader who not only tells and directs people but also works together with them to make sure that teamwork truly occurs in the best of its ways. They taught me how to present myself in an interview which also kept me apprehensive in the ways to present myself in the world. Calvin Terrell is one of the biggest game changers that left me with a respectful, open and spiritual mind that I make sure to pass onto others. His speech taught me courage, acceptance, leadership and the magic of being able to help yourself while helping others, another thing I have made sure to spread to whoever I can whenever I can. Others tend to give me a strange look when I tell them that people I have known for only three days are like family in the most sincere way possible. But I own it. I met one of my closest friends at the camp and more. I met people who I know will support me and encourage me wherever I go. I met people who I can look to for a smile, a laugh and anything I may need throughout life because I know that the people I met at NTLP are lifelong and life changing. I cannot wait to go to the camp next year and this time, because it is my second, explore beyond my dreams and reach into places that have yet to be walked as I am. I will once again walk out of NTLP as a different person, only this time, greater and more vibrant. – Kyiah W., 2018 participant

2017 Testimonial Leslie
I had a great time participating in NTLP. The weekend I spent there was filled with many activities that I will value a lot. Those activities taught me a lot about myself and the friends I made there. I am glad I was able to experience a little of the college lifestyle by staying in the dorms. – Funded Through Wishbone, 2017