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Meet NTLP Alumna Crystalrose Romero! Crystalrose first heard about NTLP during her sophomore year of high school after getting a flyer in the mail about our program. As a member of her school’s student government, she was already interested in leadership, and so she attended our 2001 camp at Chapman […]
Meet Sydnie Lau, who first heard about the National Teen Leadership Program from her cousin when she was in high school. Her brother got to participate and shared his experiences with her too. Unfortunately, she did not have a chance to participate as a camper because she had a busy […]
Say hello to NTLP alumnus Adrian Perryman-Liahut! Adrian first heard about NTLP through his cousin, alumnus Zac Hellwig, who attended camp in 2007. In 2008, Zac invited Adrian to come with him to camp. Adrian says that when he went into his first camp he was rather shy and had […]
Carla has participated in NTLP’s Habit Masters and Filling Your Cup workshop. She enjoyed both and came away with new knowledge about positive habits and positive self-care. Carla says the Habit Masters workshop helped her learn that the important thing is doing what you can and not feeling down on […]
Rae Hert participated in the Texas camp of NTLP in 2001 and returned to staff in 2003. She says her parents were really excited for her to participate as a student, though she was somewhat reluctant to be away from home, on a college campus, and with a roommate. Once […]
Vanessa Atkins was a participant at NTLP in Nor-Cal from 2007 until 2010, and returned to staff starting in 2011. When her mom found information about NTLP in a local catalog, she says she hated the idea of going! She didn’t want to stay overnight in hot Sacramento–she thought she’d […]