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NEW deadline to apply to staff:
earth day – April 22, 2018!
only Camp date: july 5th – 8th, 2018,
at chapman university in Orange, CA
(THur. July 5 all day training is mandatory)

*NEW in 2018! 

NTLP Alumni & Staff Leadership Retreat 

Facilitated by Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker A’ric Jackson – FREE!

The world needs NTLP.  NTLP is evolving to meet this need.  Are you ready to evolve with us?

Who: Alumni who’ve graduated from high school, 18 and older

What: One-Day NTLP Alumni & Staff Leadership Retreat

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM for General Alumni

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM for Confirmed Camp Volunteer Staff

When (pick one):

NorCal – June 2,2018

723 Hurlbut Ave, Sebastapol, CA 95472


SoCal – June 3, 2018

15442 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780

Those who apply to staff by April 22, interview, and then are confirmed to staff are automatically reserved a spot and expected to attend the entire 1 day retreat & separate webinars.  This applies to both new and returning staff.  If you are an alum not planning to staff, but interested in attending the retreat, email for more information and to sign up between April 22 – May 1, 2018.

 FIRST, the basics:
  1. To be a Group Leader for the summer camp, you are an alumni of our program
  2. You graduated from high school and completed one year of college or have one year of work experience.
  3. You are motivated to develop and grow your leadership skills in order to help others
  4. You have the desire to GIVE BACK the motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm you got from the program as an attendee.

NOTE: If you’re unable to participate in staffing this year, but would like to support the program and help other staff afford their fees, please sponsor and pay it forward.  Contact the office for details. 800-550-1950.

UPDATE: For those who were not teen participants of NTLP, but have heard of NTLP through friends and are inspired to help, you can apply to help behind-the-scenes-camp-operations. We look for individuals who demonstrate a sincere openness of heart; positive attitude, and proaction to support our mission of developing the leader within every teen today for a better world tomorrow.


Scott Higa (alumni, 1998) summed it up in this open letter to the staff:

If we can get just one student per camp to step beyond their barriers and to come out believing they are a leader, it is all worth it. I am so happy about what we have done so far.

We can do it because NTLP has helped us become leaders. I know some of us, especially me, would not think of ourselves as leaders unless we came to this camp. I do not want this program to ever end. I want to know that OUR children will be able to attend NTLP and come back with a new understanding of leadership, life, and themselves.

All of you had a part of your life changed by NTLP, or you would not continue to return to staff. I believe in you and your abilities as a leader. I promise you are making a difference in someone’s life. Don’t ever stop believing that.

During this last weekend, one of my former group members came up to me and told me how wonderful it was to be at NTLP. As tears ran down her cheeks, she said that it was a dream of hers to become an NTLP staff. Guys, we are living that dream. Be proud.”

Staffers are so committed, they pay their own room and board to attend. The fee is only $250 and includes four days and three nights stay, all meals, and your own NTLP staff polo. (Transportation is on your own.)


  • Fill out the form below by April 22.
  • After applying, we’ll set an appointment to interview via video conference.  This applies to both new and returning staff.
  • Get a background check.
  • Once confirmed to staff, provide $50 deposit to hold a spot, due May 1.
  • Attend the NTLP Staff Leadership Retreat (exact dates TBA – May/June).
  • Participate in all webinar staff trainings prior to camp.
  • Pay full staff fees by June 1, 2018.  Only $200 this year!


1) Create your own Network for Good Page to raise money and get sponsorship.


2) Become an ongoing monthly Torchbearer to help sustain NTLP.  Half of the donation will go towards your staff fee should you choose to staff.


3) Start payments monthly via credit card prior to camp.  Communicate with the office at or call 800-550-1950.

  • You can apply any time before April 22, and so can start payment plans prior to that once confirmed to staff.
  • ex) First payment due May 1, second payment due May 15, third due May 22, fourth payment due June 1
    • Ex) $50 per week if starting May 1, in 4 installments.
    • Ex) If you are able to get at least half of your fee sponsored ($125), then you pay the other $125 in 4 payments at $31.25 per week starting May 1. (That’s a meal for two saved per week!)
    • Ex) If you are able to get at least a third of your fee sponsored ($83.33), then pay the other two thirds ($166), starting May 1.


We will need a minimum of 35-45 staff at camp.  Priority is given to exemplary staff, while making room for exemplary participants who have now graduated from high school and would like a first chance to join these elite ranks.

Roles Available: Group Leader, Hearts for Behind the Scenes Operations

It is never too late and you are never too old to staff NTLP! We hope you will join us this summer!

To apply, simply fill out the form below.

We will contact you with more specific information during the spring. If you would like guidance for raising funds via a peer-to-peer page of Network for Good, please let us know in your form submission.

If you do not see the form below, you are using an incompatible browser and should use this link.
Fill out my online form.