Rae Hert

by jen

Rae Hert participated in the Texas camp of NTLP in 2001 and returned to staff in 2003. She says her parents were really excited for her to participate as a student, though she was somewhat reluctant to be away from home, on a college campus, and with a roommate. Once she arrived, however, she found that camp was really well-facilitated and that the instructors were extremely passionate about helping the students.

After returning to staff, she left feeling encouraged and says that being on staff helped her to learn to open up and gave her confidence to reach out to and talk to other students on campus at Texas Lutheran University, where she went on to become a tour guide and student ambassador, as well as the editor-in-chief of the yearbook. Rae obtained her Bachelor of Arts from TLU in 2006 and is currently working in the human resources and organizational management field. She is a military spouse and recently moved back to the United States after living overseas for two and a half years.

As for today’s teens, she recommends that they branch out–whether through school or through outside organizations–to expand their horizons and make new connections. Rae says that her parents encouraged her to become active in different organizations, like NTLP and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), which helped her network and get out of her comfort zone at a young age. She suggests studying abroad, thinking broader than one’s current situation, and continuing to work on relationships–both in and out of your current “bubble.” Lastly, she says, “trust your gut! Explore what interests you, but trust yourself and have trust in who you are!”