by jen

An Update from Itzel

August 31, 2015

Her Passion: Leadership
Attending: National Teen Leadership Program


Wishbone, a non-profit fundraising platform that helps students attend after-school and summer programs through charitable donations, has helped send this student to our leadership camp. We’re pleased that the Wishbone community has given us their support and generosity.

My Life Changing Summer

This was by far the most amazing, and inspirational weekend with NTLP at Sacramento State University! My weekend was filled with amazing workshops, and listening to the most inspirational, motivating speakers. Listening to these speakers really helped me realize that being aware of a problem isn’t going to help; having the courage to make a difference is what makes us leaders. Taking that step to make a difference is what will empower our youth to make the changes we want to see because we are the next generation. We can make a difference, all we have to do is have the courage to make a stand. The workshops I experienced also showed me that I am not alone, there are many who experience the same things as I have regardless of sex, ethnicity, etc — we all stood together and were not alone. I have learned to take the lead I need to make the changes I want to see and be aware that I am not alone, and no one else should have to be alone. I plan to follow through with all the “life lessons” I learned and be the difference my community needs. Aside from all that I met many new people, which really helped me come out of my comfort zone and have fun. Although we only had known each other for about 3 days it was still an incredible bond we had throughout the program, which I will never forget.