Crystalrose Romero

by jen

Meet NTLP Alumna Crystalrose Romero! Crystalrose first heard about NTLP during her sophomore year of high school after getting a flyer in the mail about our program. As a member of her school’s student government, she was already interested in leadership, and so she attended our 2001 camp at Chapman University. Crystalrose enjoyed the camaraderie of camp, saying, “Everyone was really friendly. Everyone was open minded and there for the right reasons.” She says the Diversity Workshop was her favorite because “I grew up in a multicultural environment, so that activity really resonated with me.”

Crystalrose joined our volunteer staff as a group leader in 2004. She says of the decision to join our staff after aging out of the participant program, “I really enjoyed the program as a participant, and if I couldn’t be a participant I wanted to help other kids. I wanted to be able to share my experiences.” She says that staffing was a fun event where she enjoyed a positive relationship with her co-leader and got the opportunity to put her leadership skills to use. Crystalrose says of staffing “I would recommend it to anyone, it gives you the experience of being in charge.”

Crystalrose says that working with NTLP helps people understand others with diverse personalities and backgrounds and “gives you an open mind.” She says those skills also help train you to interview for jobs and network with confidence.

Crystalrose currently works as a Senior Dedicated Support Advocate for Cornerstone On Demand where she enjoys working with technology and building relationships with people. She currently lives in Long Beach, California, with her two adorable rescue dogs Mister and Hazelnut, and her boyfriend Steven. Crystalrose’s advice for teens today is “The world is ever changing, be open minded. Not everything is cut and dry, you have to take a step back and put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.” Many thanks to Crystalrose for her amazing leadership!