Cody Shannon

by jen

Cody Shannon is a five-time alumnus of NTLP. He has won the Ambassador Award, a special award given to the students by the students, three times and was a finalist twice. We call it the Ambassador Award because the students who earn this have made it their personal mission to help their peers get the most out of this weekend. In addition to his long-standing association at camp, Cody attended and helped at our recent Diversity Day with Calvin Terrell. His outgoing and friendly nature will be perfect for NTLP when he applies to staff in 2015.

Hometown: Denair, CA
High School: Denair High school – Senior
Current Job: Working with the California Army National Guard Youth Council
Year(s) Attending NTLP: I’ve been going to NTLP for 5 years now. 2014 will be my 6th camp. I’ve been to CSU Sacramento and UC Davis.

Who was your favorite speaker and why?

Calvin [Terrell] is easily my favorite speaker, by far, although I also really enjoyed Mike Smith a lot too. I feel he could really connect with our crowd because of his real-life teen experiences.

What is your favorite NTLP memory?

My favorite NTLP memory is still being made because my favorite memory is getting to see all of these people I’ve known and come to love, grow as individuals, and do amazing things back in their respective communities.

What did you learn at the program?

I learned about myself, truthfully. I learned to come into myself as a person and to find who I want to be for the rest of my life. I learned to be more respectful and understanding of the world around me. To instead of judging, taking that extra second to stop and learn about that person.

What do you think makes a good Ambassador?

I feel I am a great ambassador for NTLP because I know how much it means for someone who doesn’t know anyone to come into a situation where it forces them to meet new people, and for someone to offer a hand and make an easy friend. It’s the best feeling to get to know as many people at camp and get everyone together as a collective group. That way we can enjoy it as an NTLP family.