Carla Garcia Bustos

by jen

Carla has participated in NTLP’s Habit Masters and Filling Your Cup workshop. She enjoyed both and came away with new knowledge about positive habits and positive self-care. Carla says the Habit Masters workshop helped her learn that the important thing is doing what you can and not feeling down on yourself. In the Filling Your Cup workshop she learned “that self-care is not only about personal hygiene but about making time for yourself even when you are the busiest, which eventually helps you to be more productive instead of waste time.” Carla shared with us that the opportunities for leadership development and the respectful environment that NTLP creates are what inspired her to attend a second seminar, as well as join our Dream It, Be It program for young girls. Carla feels honored and excited to participate in the Dream It, Be It program, and says she’s “hoping to gain knowledge about career development and preparation for graduation because far too often we think we are aiming for acceptance into a college, while actually, we should be aiming for obtaining the necessary knowledge needed to graduate.”

Like everyone in the United States and across the world, Carla and her family are dealing with the challenging nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Carla expressed that the pandemic makes it more difficult to go to work and that she and her family are unable to help in the community as much as they normally do. Carla says, “I am thankful that we can say we are healthy and safe, but the situation is working a different muscle of ours that we just need to get used to.” Carla says that she and her family are focusing on staying active and being mindful and open about their feelings to get through these challenging times. She also states that they are coping “by taking advantage of all the resources online that help us grow ourselves that otherwise we wouldn’t be offered.”

Some of Carla’s current goals include graduating high school with a 3.5 GPA or higher and get accepted into college, where she hopes to obtain a degree in Humanities around Human Resource Management. After graduating college, Carla hopes to work for a national or international company that stands for a mission she wants to support. Carla enjoys hip-hop dancing, making her own dance choreography, and being part of a church community that aligns with her values and beliefs.

Carla’s advice to her teenage peers is “If you can think of your goals for the future and you have the motivation to know why you want to achieve those goals, there will always be plenty of opportunities to get you there…. if you ever feel stuck with school or unmotivated just try to switch up your usual routines/techniques or making slideshows about what motivates you to continue learning and remember to not put too much pressure on yourself.”