Ashlei DiLorenzo

by jen

Hometown: Burbank, CA
High School: Providence High School
Current Job: Special Education Teacher
Year(s) Attending NTLP: So-Cal 2001 and every year throughout high school

Ashlei DiLorenzo is an NTLP alumnus, first attending in the summer of 2001. Inspired and empowered, Ashlei returned as a camper throughout high school and was asked to return to staff after graduating from Providence High School in 2005. She played volleyball for San Diego Mesa Community College and then transferred and graduated from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa in 2010 with a degree and license in Elementary and Special Education.

Her first teaching job was at a school whose students were from low-income families in a community with a high rate of drug abuse and homelessness. This inspired her to begin her own non-profit, which is currently in the works, to help children around the world who live in such communities, to assist them and help them rise above their circumstances. Shortly after this teaching position, her husband decided to pursue his dream of playing professional hockey. For two years, the couple traveled around the country while her husband played goalie for several semi-pro teams. Currently, Ashlei and her husband are back home on the beautiful islands of Hawai’i.

Ashlei is a Special Education teacher, working with students who are mostly immigrants with limited English proficiency. She started an inclusion program at her school which allows students with disabilities to learn with their peers while receiving assistance in their General Education classrooms. In her spare time, Ashlei manages her own business, a traveling boutique that features pure health and wellness products. Ashlei hopes to raise money through the traveling boutique to help fund her future worldwide non-profit!