International Partnership Announcement

by jen

Expanding NTLP’s Reach Internationally

Partnering with Skillarthi, India

The National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP) is excited to announce a new partnership with Skillarthi Ventures Private Limited (Skillarthi) based out of India. Skillarthi is an ed-tech start up launched in September 2020 to impart skill based learning courses to teenagers inspired from spiral learning methodology. The partnership program facilitated by NTLP will be open to high school boys and girls across India. Skillarthi Integrated Program, consisting of 16 courses, is a sequential level based program in which each level comprises of four skill learning courses for teenagers. Some of these courses include Know Your Why, Creativity and Innovation, Become an Influencer, Networking, Laser Focus, Financial Literacy, Brainstorming and many more. These programs prepare young people with creative, critical, communicative, collaborative skills to face the VUCA world which is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous with exposure to international cultures. NTLP will be delivering the training of soft skills and leadership development, and introducing teens to the many cultures that make up the United States. For the initial 6 months, teens will participate in three consecutive web series either in the first or second part. The web series will cover Communications, Leadership, and Mental Health. The program with Skillarthi begins in June 2021. NTLP looks forward to working with Skillarthi and making NTLP’s first international partnership a great success. Check out Skillarthi on their website

NTLP offers youth leadership and diversity programs to empower teens to reach their full potential as leaders. Their programs focus on students between grades 8-12. NTLP will apply 28+ years of leadership development expertise in providing fun, interactive, engaging and inspiring educational curriculum to Skillarthi students. The curriculum will focus on empowering the students to become effective future leaders through the development of soft skills, with an emphasis on social, emotional learning. The final topics and number of sessions will be determined by Skillarthi and NTLP will customize the curriculum accordingly. To view a list of NTLP’s other partnerships, click here.

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