Bridging the Gap Workshop

by jen

Bridging the Gap

Workshop Description

So many times there is a “gap” between us and others. It may be because a conflict arises or because we see things differently. Regardless of this, what we do when we experience this gap with others can make all the difference in our relationships and how we navigate conflict.

In this workshop, teens will learn how to stand in that gap effectively and how to resolve conflict. You will also learn how to deal with the gap within ourselves and how to bridge that gap. We may feel stuck and may not be content with where we are and there may be a gap between where we are right now and where we want to be. We will also address breaking the habit of being hard on ourselves and beating ourselves up and instead of being compassionate with ourselves when we do something we regret.

This workshop will help you focus on attaining clarity of what you want and long for, and help you come up with specific strategies to meet your goals.

Facilitated by Eddie Zacapa

Eddie Zacapa is the co-founder of Life Enriching Communication ( and a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). He has facilitated nonviolent communication workshops, trainings and programs with individuals, families, parents, schools, and organizations and worked in the domestic violence field for over 18 years.

Eddie is the author of Principles and Practices of Nonviolence: 30 Meditations for Practicing Compassion and Essentials for Cultivating Passionate Volunteers and Leaders: Guidelines for Organizations that Value Connection.

He is also a Resident Services Coordinator with Mercy Housing and works with volunteers on a consistent basis. He has worked with volunteers for over 20 years with various non-profit organizations.

He lives in Sacramento, CA with his family. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from San Jose State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Bible and Theology from William Jessup University. You may contact Eddie at [email protected].

Bridging the Gap

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