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2019 CAL-PAL YMLA Collaboration

CAL-PALGeneration Leadership

The National Teen Leadership Program is honored to be included in the inaugural 2019 CAL-PAL Youth Mentoring and Leadership Academy (YMLA), working with A’ric Jackson from Generation Leadership. The YMLA event is one of the “flagship” youth programs hosted by the California Police Activities League (CAL-PAL). Dedicated to supporting the youth in each PAL community, they work hard to provide them with life-changing opportunities and experiences they would likely not be able to enjoy otherwise at no cost.

Day 1 of 4 of the Cal PAL, Generation Leadership, Pure Empowerment Seminars and NTLP collaborative, done.

Changing lives at the Youth Mentoring & Leadership Academy with some wonderful Cal PAL youth! Thank you to Jennifer Lopez andA’ric Jackson – The Dream Achiever for this sponsorship opportunity to join the Generation Leadership Crew and to our NTLP staff volunteers Kobe, Darrell, Spencer, Derlin for working with youth these next four days! #CalPAL #YouthLeadership #NTLPcollaborates #MakeADifference

Day 2 collaboration with the Cal Police Activities League a success!

A’ric Jackson – The Dream Achiever kept it authentic and called forth greatness from the teens. We could see them growing in leadership within 1 day! (Also, Alumni Kobe did a dance-off with actor and PAL alum Miles Brown from the TV show Blackish and Kobe’s team totally won!) We ❤ our new friends in the GenLeadCrew! #youthleadership #NTLPCollaborates #CalPAL #GenerationLeadership #BeTheChange #keepitreal

Day 3 of 4 at Cal PAL Youth Leadership and Mentoring Academy

We got to hear Sylvia Garner of Pure Empowerment Seminars deliver an amazing keynote on evolution of the self #womenspeakersrock! #empowerment and A’ric Jackson – The Dream Achiever brought the kids into an experience that helped them realize the importance of understanding another culture or way of living and getting past differences in order to live peacefully. #YouthLeadership Then, Derlin dropped the “kids off” to Disneyland! #workhard #playhard

Day 4 of 4 of NTLP participating with the #californiapal YMLA conference

A’ric Jackson – The Dream Achiever asked the kids to share how they will change and impact their community, and with some great ideas, they shared their commitment to making change happen in movement and dance! #NTLPCollaborates #YouthLeadership #GenerationLeadership And on the way home we found a a long lost Fosters ice cream to boot! #lifechangingweekend

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