NTLP HR Announcement

by jen

Dear Friends of NTLP and Community Partners,

In 2015, when Laura Segura, Founder of the National Teen Leadership Program, retired, and passed on the reins to Jennifer Lopez (aka. Jen Lopez or J Lo), we never would have imagined all the things Jen would accomplish in just three years. As the Executive Director of NTLP, Jen has expanded our programs by adding after-school programs, additional one-day workshops, building partnership and alliances with many organizations, along with the creation of the Laura Segura Scholarship Fund, and the inception of the Corp Fellows Program. Through Jen’s relentless efforts, NTLP was also awarded a $21,000 grant supported by Measure H Community Enhancement Fund from the city of Rancho Cordova, California. Jen also threw some awesome fundraisers including the 25th Anniversary Silver Soiree this past Fall where we profited approximately $9,200.

It is with great hope and gratitude that we announce Jen Lopez’s transition from Executive Director of NTLP, and congratulate her on her new position as Executive Director of California Police Activities League. Jen’s new position will offer her the opportunity to continue to serve the community and offer significant development potential in the years to come. In her new role, Jen will be responsible for youth programs throughout the state, with 100 chapters, and an impact on over 300,000 youth. We wish Jen the best of luck with Cal PAL but are very sad that we will not be seeing her as often. Fortunately for us, Jen has offered to continue supporting NTLP by transitioning to the Board of Directors.

In order to ensure that NTLP continues to function and serve our community, we have selected Derlin Hsu to serve as interim Executive Director. She is the prime example of an NTLP success story, and has shown competency in the major capacities required for the position. Derlin was a three time participant at NTLP during high school, and was so inspired by what she had learned at camp, she worked as an NTLP intern for Laura Segura after high school, went on to volunteer with NTLP every summer for nearly 15 years as an alumni staff member, served on the Advisory Board, and most recently led NTLP’s Alumni Committee and mentored in our Corp Fellows program. Outside of NTLP, she earned her BA in Psychology and Music from UC San Diego, then earned a Masters in Music Therapy from Colorado State University. As a Music Therapist working with many different types of people, Derlin still practices the important lessons learned from NTLP of believing in and cultivating the potential within every person; accepting and celebrating people’s differences, and leading from the heart.

This past year has brought new energy to NTLP’s programs, and to its Board of Directors as well. Edgar Wong-Chen has retired as Board Chair so he can focus on fundraising and curriculum development, while Jennifer Louie-Abernathy, has stepped up to fill Edgar’s large shoes. We are deeply indebted to Edgar Wong-Chen for his dedication and for his many years of service as Chair of the Board, and thank him for continuing to serve as Director. We must also thank Carrick Sears, Juan Lepe, and Mark Miller for their many years of service on the Board. These leaders have transitioned from the Board of Directors to continue to serve as Advisory Board members. We also wish to announce the assigning of Grant Magdanz, Trenton Hyatt, Jeff Moore, and Shaun Rehmani who are our new members to the Board. The Executive Committee now comprises Jen Louie-Abernathy as the Chair, U-Wen Kok as the Vice Chair, Shaun as the Secretary, and Trenton as the Treasurer.

The new leadership team is very excited for the months ahead, and have already been working feverishly to ensure a smooth transition for the E.D.’s, as well as settle on an efficient and sustainable future for NTLP.

On May 2nd, A’ric Jackson will be leading a Generation Leadership workshop with students at George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science – Sacramento. This workshop is supported by Measure H Community Enhancement Fund from the city of Rancho Cordova, California, and will serve 500 students. Staff applications and student enrollments are underway for the So-Cal camp held at Chapman University, July 6 to 8th, 2018. This year, we’re focusing on one camp so that we can truly deliver the most outstanding camp ever.

We can’t wait to work with you in growing NTLP into a much stronger and better organization for our youth and our future so that we can continue developing the leader within every teen today — for a better world tomorrow!!!

Please join us in congratulating, and thanking Jennifer Lopez for her years of commitment, sacrifice, and hard work. We wish her the best at California Police Activities League. And, please welcome Derlin Hsu into her new role as the Interim Executive Director of the National Teen Leadership Program.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you all.

Warmest regards,

Board of Directors Executive Committee
National Teen Leadership Program
Jen Louie-Abernathy, U-Wen Kok, Shaun Rehmani, and Trenton Hyatt

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