A Young Voice to Inspire a New Year

by jen

A Young Voice to Inspire a New Year!

Ben Inspire New Year

Meet Ben, who attended NTLP in 2017:

NTLP: How is your first NTLP camp going so far?

Ben: I’m having an amazing experience actually. I’ve never been to a camp like this before.

NTLP: What makes it amazing?

Ben: I feel like I have more of a sense of belonging when I come to camps like these. And I feel very inspired this week. In a matter of two days, it’s crazy how much love and inspiration I can feel. Kinda makes me cry, but hey, it’s alright. A real man cries, right?

NTLP: What’s one thing you’ll bring back to your community from this NTLP experience?

Ben: One word — and it is LOVE.

Enliven more voices like Benjamin’s…

Dear NTLP Friends and Family,

Ben is one of the TEEN VOICES THAT WILL CHANGE HEADLINES. There are more teen voices like his that are positive, uplifting and truly the voices of a better world!

You may have watched our first video “Let’s Change the Headlines.” We shared some startling statistics regarding heartache and lack of unity plaguing our country. NTLP is working harder than ever to empower and inspire teens to use their voices to create positive social change and to “Develop the Leader in Every Teen Today for a Better World Tomorrow!”

Please join our movement where leaders #NeedToLovePeople and click here to donate now.

We are getting closer to our $50,000 goal. Click below to donate and help Benjamin’s story be the story we all continue to hear for the new year!

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