2018 Change the Headlines

by jen


As a mother, grandmother and the Executive Director of the National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP), I am deeply concerned with the world my children, grandchildren and our country’s youth are inheriting. It seems each week the news bombards us with yet another hate crime or mass killing report.

USA Today stated in a recent article, “With nearly eight weeks until the end of the year, 2017 has already earned a bitter honor: It is the most deadly year for mass killings in the U.S. in more than a decade.”‘

Amidst the aftermath of tragedy and loss, we often find that these senseless acts are motivated by hate, intolerance and prejudice. Hate crimes have risen by more than 20% last year, making 2017 the third consecutive annual increase in over a decade. This startling reality forces us address questions such as what kind of world are we leaving for our children? How do we help them cope?

Parent expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa states young children want to feel safe and assured the violence will not threaten them but older youth such as teens expect more. “Teenagers are looking for hypocrisy and solutions and this generation believes in collaboration and social justice. They will ask “What can I do, what can we do?” Do you know how to answer them?

NTLP, believes the answer is in teaching teenagers to work toward change. Solution oriented action teaches them to be resilient. NTLP is an answer to these questions. NTLP teaches our youth If You Need to Lead People, You Need to Love People

For 25 years, NTLP has inspired over 17,000 teens to affect positive social change as loving, accepting, tolerant leaders who uphold the equal value of everyone. These teens have learned to stand up for what is right and take action against bullying and hate-motivated offenses in their schools and communities. Sadly and clearly, 17,000 teens is not enough. Imagine if the people behind these crimes were shown or taught love, compassion, tolerance and unity in their youth. Would the world be different? Could the World be different? We think so.

If you want this world to be different, help us empower our youth to stand up against hate and join our movement where leaders #NeedToLovePeople

Our world is desperately waiting for new leaders to combat unnecessary hate and violence..

Let’s change the headlines together. Take charge and Donate Now!


Jennifer Lopez
Executive Director
National Teen Leadership Program

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